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We’re in the midst of a digital audio revolution, with people carrying smartphones everywhere they go and voice-activated devices on the rise. You only have to look at the launch of audio-based social media platforms like Clubhouse to see the growing value of audio content. It’s no longer enough for brands to make sure that their visual logos are consistent across customer touchpoints, they now should also be turning their attention to creating a cohesive sonic experience for their customers.

Our own Marketing team at Voices did a sonic branding audit last year, ensuring that our sonic branding was up to brand standards. We also created our very own sonic logo that we use in our visual and audio content, such as our YouTube videos and our podcast episodes. It was an exciting and rewarding exercise, and one that we didn’t take lightly. We wanted to make sure that we are leaders in the sonic branding space, and to do that took research.

When I want to dive deep into a subject, I turn to books. I look for experts in their field and new research to inform me. Here are some of the books I’ve come across in my research into sonic branding that I have found useful. They are a great place to start if you, like us last year, are creating your own sonic branding.

Audio Branding: Using Sound to Build Your Brand by Laurence Minsky and Colleen Fahey

More than an abstract concept, sonic branding should live with your Marketing team and be consistently updated and honed. Minsky and Fahey look at sonic branding through a marketing lens, providing concrete steps that your team can implement in your journey to building a sonic brand. It helps that both of the authors have real-life experience with sonic branding and they walk their readers through useful case studies.

If you’re interested in previewing the book, the authors offer a download of the first chapter for free.

Sonic Branding: An Essential Guide to the Art and Science of Sonic Branding by Daniel M. Jackson

First published in 2003, Jackson was ahead of the curve with his book Sonic Branding. Jackson is the Founder and Managing Director of Sonicbrand Ltd, so he knows a thing or two about the subject. While the book does spend some time trying to convince its readers of the importance of sonic branding, it also provides insights into how you can put this area of marketing to work at your own company.

The Sonic Boom: How Sound Transforms the Way We Think, Feel, and Buy by Joel Beckerman with Tyker Gray

Founder and lead composer for Man Made Music, Joel Beckerman has helped companies like Disney and Mercedes create sonic branding strategies. In The Sonic Boom, Beckerman describes the importance of sound and its impact on our emotions. The book makes a great case for sonic branding that goes beyond aesthetics and into how it can help your brand resonate with its customers on a human level.

Let’s Talk Podcasting: The Essential Guide to Doing It Right by Amanda Cupido

While not every brand that wants to employ sonic branding needs a podcast, I do believe in the power of this form of audio content. It’s a big market, with over 18.5 million episodes of podcasts available, and it allows you to speak directly to your target audience. In Let’s Talk Podcasting, Cupido appeals to the novice podcaster, providing step-by-step instructions on how to launch your very own podcast. It’s an accessible read from an award-winning podcast producer.

These books are a great starting point for your brand’s sonic journey, but the best sonic branding tends to come from an innate understanding of your brand voice and your customers. I recommend taking a deep dive into your branding choices, both visual and auditory, to really come up with the essence of your brand. And, of course, if you’re looking for the right voice to bring your brand to life, check out the professional voice talent on Voices.

As the Founder and CEO of, he leads the team to realize the vision of having a positive impact on the world through the power of the human voice.

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